Welcome to our team!

We are excited to have you join our family of team members and are looking forward to a prosperous partnership for years to come!

Good service is supreme!

Let's begin with the most important aspect of being a member on our team: providing un-paralelled customer service with an infectious and friendly smile.

We like to be over board and are not afraid to be sort of obnoxious about it. We want our team to be infected with the "happiness" disease! It needs to be infectious. Pharell Williams "happy" song needs to be the anthem of our internal environment. So much so that it bubbles up and bubbles over. No one should ever be able to come up to our counter and leave without a smile! This is our company culture.

We are so serious about this, that it we have to remind you to smile when you are at work more than 2 times we will have to let you go!

Each and every team member of ours MUST have the professional maturity to leave their personal life behind and put on a happy face while on the clock. We can't stop their. One more thing is a requirement: learn the first names of those who frequent the cafe. Every customer who is a regular of ours must be greeted by his or her first name along with that infectious smile of yours!

As you can tell, we are serious about our happiness! :)